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Loosening with a Cultermatic

For heavily compacted soil Imants developed an oscillating rotary agitator called Cultermatic, which actively breaks up the soil and aerated. The soil is not mixed. 

The Cultermatic works to a maximum depth of 80 cm (31 inch). The big advantage over the standard The big advantage over the standard rotary cultivators is that the machine needs half the of the pulling power and at the same time loosens the soil many times. the soil many times looser. 

The first row of furrows opens the soil with a horizontal a horizontal movement and the blade of the second row moves more vertically up and down. The soil lying on the agitator legs vibrates and vibrates such that the soil aggregates break up and a a fine soil structure with the right ratio between clods and pores.

The Cultermatic can also be equipped with a trailing roller. This has a double function. On the one hand it makes sure that the top layer is pressed down again and finished flat. is flat. On the other hand, it serves as a depth limiter. For an optimal result it is best if the Cultermatic is used on dry soil. Here is an animation that illustrates the operation. 

Watch the animation

Image of the result after tilling with the oscillating rotary agitator.

Animation image. 1st row horizontally moving furrows, 2nd row vertically moving.

Drive line of the Cultermatic

Options of the Cultermatic


Type Working width Overall width # Subsoiler leg Required power (hp) Maximum power (hp) Weight (kg/lbs)* Roller Subsoiling Other
Cultermatic 320 cm / 126 inch 280 cm / 110 inch 2x4 250 400 3380 / 7452 no n/a Max. working depth: 80 cm / 31 inch

* The above weight is indicative without options and without roller 

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