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More than 60 years of experience with spading machines is something Imants can look back on. From that experience we learned spading is more than just turning soil. Much more, in fact. Spading means mixing organic material with the living topsoil, incorporating crop residues and creating a seedbed, mixing green manure so it can be broken down into nutrients for the next crop. In short, both above the ground and in the soil you will achieve an even, homogeneous and well aerated soil after tillage with Imants spading machines. The true one pass tillage tool.

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The SX-Series has a minimum working depth of 15 cm (6”), with a maximum of 35 cm (14”). The blades loosen the soil over the entire working width and mix manure, green manure or plant residues through the most biologically active part of the soil.

Herewith image of the 38FSX Spading axle.

Optional ripper legs 

Optionally both toolcarriers can be equipped with ripper legs. The ripper legs break up compacted layers below the working depth of the spaders The spadeshaft works evenly so that roots can penetrate deeper into the soil. The maximum working depth of the ripper legs is 50 cm (20”).

Herewith image of the 38FSX subsoiling beam


Driven power harrow

The Imants 58 series spading machines can be equipped with a driven power harrow. This harrow breaks up the top layer and ensures a fine and even seedbed. It is the ideal roller for sandy and loamy soils.


The Imants 58 series spading machines can be equipped with a ringroller with a diameter of 60 or 80 cm (24 or 31”). This ringroller leaves a coarser seedbed and is suitable for all soil types.


For heavier soil types in both dry and moist circumstances, the self-cleaning prismaroller is recommended. This roller consolidates and culti-packs the soil so that an even, flat and firm seedbed is left behind.

Why tool carriers?

The present time makes the demand for larger capacity increasingly important. Through a higher working speed or a larger working width, it is possible to obtain this greater capacity. 

However, this makes the tools heavier and often they cannot be lifted in the 3-point linkage of the tractor or they do not comply with road traffic laws. 

Imants has therefore developed a tool carrier. Thereby, if desired, a (folding) subsoiler beam can be mounted on the implement carrier allowing multiple work passes to be combined. To save even more time, money and working passes, a seeder can also be mounted. 

This makes the tool carrier the heart of the combination to do all operations in 1 working pass; subsoiling, spading, seed bed preparation and seeding. An enormous cost saving can thus be achieved. Especially in the current time where labor is scarce and fuel is expensive, it is important to take this into account.

Tractor with a 450 cm (177”) wide rigid subsoiler. Shown with 58SX spading machine with ringroller.

The construction of the non-folding trailed spading machine.

As mentioned earlier, the tool carrier can be equipped with a subsoiler beam and/or a spading machine. Imants offers you 2 options; the non-folding or rigid options (with working widths of 300, 366 or 450 cm (10, 12 or 15 feet) and the folding options (with working widths of 450 or 600 cm (15 or 20 feet) ). In this section, we discuss the rigid, non-folding version of the tool carrier. Because the tool carrier has a Category III hitch at the rear, another implement can also be attached. For example, a power harrow. Of course, you can also choose the spading machine. Commonly the 58SX450PL spading machine with a working width of 4.5 meters (15 feet). 

The spading machines from Imants are rotary spading machines. They work the soil by means of spades which are attached to the spadingshaft via a steel arm. The number of spades can vary according to the model and the working depth.

The SX-spadingblade

For use on all soil types except wet clay. The spading blades are easy to replace.

All spading machines are equipped with a torque limiting clutch for protection.

Driveline of the 58SX450PLH. 

Options for the rigid subsoiler tool carrier

To make the tool carrier fit your farm, you can choose from a number of options. Depending on the desired soil preparation. The tool carrier can be equipped with 4, 6 or 8 ripper legs. These have a hydraulic stone protection. The working depth is very easy to adjust to a maximum of 50 cm (20”). 

The rear linkage is capable of lifting 10 tons (22000 lbs). Heavy implements are therefore not a problem. To maintain sufficient drawbar downwards pressure, additional weight can be mounted to the front of the drawbar if desired. The runs all the way through the machine so driven implements can work.

The image shows the non-folding V-ripper with a working width of 450 cm (15 ft.). Contact us for the options of the model of your choice.

The image shows the tool carrier without options.

The image shows the 58SX450PLH with 8 ripper legs.


To point out the differences between current tillage methods and Imants tillage methods in terms of capacity and finance, we developed the ImCal app. On our trailed models there is the possibility to attach an implement by means of a drawbar. You can think of a trailing roller, a tire packer or a seeder. As you can see, there are many possibilities, so be well advised by an Imants advisor.


Specifications carrier without options*



width (cm/inch)


width (cm/inch)



Max. power

driveling (hp)


(kg / lbs)


295 / 116


570 / 224


3000 / 6614

Specifications carrier with non-folding trailed spading machine*

Type combi

Spading machine**

Width (cm/inch)


Width (cm/inch)



Max. power

driveling (hp)


(kg / lbs)

58SX300 (H)

332 /131

300 / 118

755 (848) / 297 ( 334)


7500 (8500) / 

16535 (18739)

58SX366 (H)

398 / 157

366 / 144

755 (848) / 297 ( 334)


8000 (9200) /

17637 (20283)

58SX450 (H)

482 / 190

450 / 177

755 (848) / 297 ( 334)


8750 (10000) /

19290 ( 22046)

*Data based on carrier combined or not with spading machine. For all carriers, the possibility of combining with subsoiler beam and/or seeding as previously mentioned in the relevant option pages applies.

** 58SX available in variant with driven power harrow (example: 58SX300H) or without (example: 58SX300).

*** Weight/dimensions in parentheses are weight/dimensions of the combination with rake roller.

The 58SX450PLH with 8 subsoiler legs has been chosen as an example.

Working depth of the subsoiler legs is (depending on conditions) up to 50 cm (20”) deep. The spading axle and driven power harrow work from 15 to 35 cm (6 to 14”) deep.


To point out the differences between current tillage methods and Imants tillage methods in capacity and financial terms, we developed the ImCal app. In a personal conversation of about one hour, you will be asked about the data of your plot, current tillage methods, available horsepower and method of depreciation. We will then explain and calculate the alternative Imants method. Below is an example of such a calculation. Don’t wait but ask for a calculation of your situation and start saving!

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