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Imants offers you the solution for any tillage issue. Deep or shallow, active or passive, intensive or extensive, mixing or non mixing. combining several passes is also high on our priority list to save fuel, time and money. 

With over 60 years of spading experience, Imants knows that troublesome layers are a challenge for everyone. Removing the hard pans restores capillary action to the soil, allows deeper rooting to occur and drains excess water to deeper layers. The result is a better yield. 

As tillage specialists, we want to offer an answer to all kinds of challenges, so we build different machines. 

To loosen the soil in the furrow and remove hard pans, Imants has developed the Culter deep ripper. This versatile machine can be used alone or in combination with other machines. 

Ripping with a Culter subsoiler

The Culter works to a maximum depth of 60 cm (2’). The great advantage is that the rippers can be adjusted in width and the wear parts can be easily replaced. The combination of the unique shape and accurate spacing ensures good soil loosening without mixing. All this is done with low power requirements and low fuel consumption. The ripper tines ensure that the soil is lifted (and thus broken up) evenly without causing unwanted soil displacement. The unique shape of the subsoiler tine also ensures that crop residues do not wrap. Result after treatment? An even level soil profile across the entire working width with many broken aggregates. 

Thanks to the various options available, this machine can also be adapted to your wishes.

Whether you want to work just with the Culter or in combination with other machines such as: 

  • A spading machine
  • A power harrow
  • A disc
  • A roller
  • A seeder
  • A planter
  • ...

Everything is possible with the Imants Culter.

Options for the Culter

The Culter subsoiler can be built to your specifications with CAT II or CAT III at machine or tractorside. You can also opt for a wider working width.

The Culter has a with a working width of 300 cm (118 inch) equipped with 4 or 6 ripper legs. For robustness and durability, the hook up points on the tractor side, the brackets of the ripper tines and the ripper tines themselves are all made of Hardox steel. In addition, the ripper legs are secured by a shear bolt. Optionally with hydraulic protection. The distance between the ripper legs can be adjusted. 

Depending on your situation, the Culter is available in the following versions:

- Standard (ripper leg of 15 mm (0.6 inch) thickness with M12 shear bolt)

- HD (Heavy Duty, ripper leg and bracket of 20 mm (0.8 inch) thick with M14 shear bolt)

Below an Image of the culter HD with full option.

Models overview

Type Working width* Total width Ripper legs Weight
Culter 3.0 300cm / 118” 278cm / 109” (4 or) 6 880kg / 1940lbs

Ideal speed: depending on type and application / Maximum working depth: 60 cm (23 inch)

Different extension kits available for the above Culter types.
The table below is based on a Culter 3.0 frame with 6 ripper tines:

Extension set Working width* Machine width Distance between tines
Set 1 345cm / 135” 296cm / 116” 6x57,5cm / 22”
Set 2 360cm / 141” 330cm / 129” 6x60cm / 23”
Set 3 385cm / 151” 346cm / 136” 6x64cm / 25”
Set 4 400cm / 157” 360cm / 141” 6x66,5cm / 26”
Set 5 425cm / 167” 380cm / 149” 6x71cm / 27”
Set 6 450cm / 177” 404cm / 159” 6x75cm / 29”
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