Privacy Statement


Imants BV:
Imants BV, enlisted by the Kamer van Koophandel under number 17154317.

Felix Peters

Personal data:
· Name, company name, phonenumber, emailadress, postadress, invoiceadress, bank accountnumber (when an invoice is paid, we will see your bank accountnumber on the bankstatement)
· All Personal Data of your relationships that you trust us with.

Cliënts, suppliers, service prodivers, contractors, employees, subscribers, collaboration partners or hired employees with whom Imants engaged a corporate agreement.

Purpose of processing
Imants makes use of your personal data to realize activities that fit the objectives of Imants: To develop, produce and maintain machines for the agricultural and professional turfcare sector.

We will not use your data to make a personal profile or any other purposes than providing you a qualitative service.
Note: We will not use your data for any other purposes than is to be expected in a normal customer-supplier-relationship; billing, information about modified products, services or adress to deliver wares, sending of newsbulletins, tax returns.

Imants uses name, phonenumber, emailadress or other contactdata that you have entrusted us with solely for making agreements targeted at accomplishing activities that fit with our business objectives.

When our initial contact leads to a business relationship, your personal data will only be shared (in case needed) with third parties that are directly involved with the activities to realise our common goal.These parties will handle your data conform the current privacy laws and in the same way as Imants; this is defined in an agreement with these parties.

Legal ground processing
Imants processes your personal data based on the following legal grounds:
· Your permission as the person concerned. As a relation you have the right to withdraw your permission at all times.
· Processing of the personal data is necessary for the execution of an agreement that you have made with us about activities or services.

Categories and source(s) personal data
Imants has acquired your personal data from the following source(s):
· Name, adress, residence, phonenumber and emailadress are provided by you, for instance via the contact form on our website, via personal contact or by giving us a businesscard.
· If applicable date of birth, citizen service number and identity documents will be obtained directly from you as relation.
· Via your bank we receive your bankaccount number after payment of a bill.
· Documentation that you have entrusted us with.

Forwarding of personal data to a receiver within The Netherlands, third countries or an international organisation.
All softwarevendors and data-storage centers which Imants makes use of are in compliance with AVG / GDPR.

Imants comforms itself in terms of privacy data processing to the method of big national and international organisations like Rabobank, ING, Microsoft, Google, KPN, T-Mobile or simular organisations and cannot exert direct influence on this area.

Imants keeps track of a register which states what data is sent to what service/party. Imants will only work with services that are in compliance with the AVG / GDPR.

Preservation period personal data
In case our initial contact will not lead to an order or further email contact and you will not become our customer, supplier, employee, collaboration partner or contractor, then your personal data will be removed from our files within 3 months.

Imants confirms itself to the following rules.
· The contact form on the website is sent via https-protocol.
· All equipment that we use for processing of personal data is protected with antivirus-, antispam, antiphishing and firewall software.
· Our equipment (smartphones, laptops and desktops) are protected via periodically altered passwords. For external connection we make use of 2-Way-Authentication.
· Screenlock is standard on systems where personal data is processed.
· The storagemedia that we use is encrypted.
· In case we make use of externals, then they will have to conform to the same obligations; they will sign an agreement, including a confidentiality statement.

Although we have taken measures to protect your personal data and chances of a dataleak are small, there is always a possibility that it may happen.

When a dataleak occurs we will follow a procedure:
Dataleaks are documented in an incident logfile. In the logfile is shown where the dataleak occured, how and when it was solved and how it can be prevented in the future.

Management will be informed, who will in turn inform the authorities of personal data when the dataleak has direct influence on your privacy.
We will inform you when the dataleak concerns your privacy.

Rights of relations
You have the right to submit a request to see what personal data of yours we have, to correct your personal data or removal of your personal data. In addition you have the right to request us a limited collection of your personal data.

As a relation you also have the right to request Imants to provide the personal data in a structured form that we have of yours.

In case you have a complaint about processing of your personal data by Imants, please contact management via

Contact details
For more information, questions or requests you can contact Imants. Requests of correction or removal of data can also be submitted by e-mail. Please be aware that we can ask for identification when doing so.

Thank you for your co-operation.

24th of May 2018, Reusel
Felix Peters