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Who are we

Imants has been manufacturing tillage machines for more than 135 years. Heavily compacted soil, challenges with soil water management or the wish to rip, spade and sow in a single pass are among the many possibilities. 

Founded in 1885, Imants grew from a blacksmith’s shop to become a manufacturer of ploughs. In the 1960s, the company switched to the production of spading machines. Since then, we have been convinced of the benefi ts of spading as a tillage method par excellence. In addition, we produce a full range of sports fi eld maintenance machines. These are called the “Greenline” in this catalogue. 

Production has always been carried out in our own factory and has changed enormously and become more professionalised over the years. This means that custom products can be supplied without any huge increases in production time. The production and quality of the materials also continue to improve as a result. 

Imants has now built up an extensive product range. The result? A suitable machine is available for every tractor type, every soil type, every working width, every working depth and any possible wish you may have in the area of soil tillage. 

Imants Basic Principles

At Imants, three elements are of paramount importance. 

We use these as the basis for all developments. 

Costs: Imants gives you an insight into the costs you are incurring with the current tillage methods. This is done using a calculation module that we have developed in-house and which is frequently tested and updated.

Capacity: This is an important aspect which is also taken into account in the calculation of the current tillage methods. In addition, we can estimate the potential time savings if you opt to spade and sow in one pass. The calculation module can also be used for this purpose. 

Quality: It goes without saying that the quality of the tillage operation cannot be ignored. Although this is much less easy to measure, it is of paramount importance for Imants.  You will see it in the images, the videos and information you'll find on this website.

In a nutshell, Imants has the right tillage machine for you.

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