Welcome to imants bv, over 130 years experience in cultivation.

Our machines mechanically prepare and revitalize the land for agriculture, horticulture and turf care. Just under ground level. And a lot deeper, if required. For yet another productive season.
Imants machines come with a generous dose of innovation power, making them durable, reliable and fun to work with.

That’s why Imants equipment is an excellent choice for today and for the future. It’s an investment in sustainable technology that will keep our clients both competitive and satisfied.
The human chemistry keeps us on edge to generate ground-braking ideas and build high quality machinery.

More than 130 years of experience in quality cultivation with an open mind for the future. The foundations of our internationally successful company were laid in 1885 by the village blacksmith in Reusel.

Now a days foreign markets have also been a focus of our company. Imants has been active in the North and South American markets since 1992. Over 80% of production is currently for export, primarily to the countries bordering the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Imants’ sales staff and the research and development department are constantly working to develop and promote new products, which are designed using modern techniques and developed in the factory in Reusel (NL).

Imants continuously strives to develop machines that deliver maximum performance with the minimum possible effort and fuel, which fact has brought us a great deal of international recognition. Read on to find out more about Imants BV and what our machinery can do for you.