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To create your customers' dream garden, you sometimes need to use heavier machinery to start from an even base. In that case, tillage is an important part of your job as a landscaper. Below is a specific application that might make you want to use an Imants JNC rotavator:

improving soil structure

Tillage is the manipulation of soil structure to improve it for plant growth. This can include raising or removing soil, adding organic matter or reducing compactness. If this is the case, you are fine to pick the JNC rotavators from Imants that can help you mix the added substances or soil homogeneously.

You can read exactly how the rotavator does this here.


With our years of experience we know that every soil is different. The power of conviction of our machines is therefore the result that you can achieve on YOUR soil. So request your demo now and see the result with your own eyes!

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