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60 years of experience and customer conversations ensure that we at Imants know what your challenges are. Our machines and the developments we go through are focused on thinking along in solutions to these agricultural issues.

Issues in Agriculture

For example, the following problems can already be named and partly compensated by using an Imants spit machine:

* Labor shortage due to lack of personnel / scaling up
* Soil compaction due to economies of scale; doing more in the same time, heavier machines and sometimes working under undesirable conditions
* Soil compaction due to naturally compacted layers (iron layer etc)
* Climate change; extremely dry or extremely wet conditions.
* Soil depletion due to intensive cropping plan. The latter in order to be able to meet the ever higher demands of the market.

How can Imants help?

The most important thing is to advise the right spading machine, with the right spading blades, the right working depth (with or without digging legs, etc.), with the right roller for the right finish. All this in as many combined passes as possible, saving time, labor and fuel. 

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Not convinced? Request your savings calculation!

You can also have your savings calculated! In a conversation of about 1 hour, we can calculate your current method in comparison with the Imants method. Often you can save work and we can show you how much you can save.

An example of such a saving:

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With our years of experience we know that every soil is different. The power of conviction of our machines is therefore the result that you can achieve on YOUR soil. So request your demo now and see the result with your own eyes!

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With Imants' decision making tool, you will be helped in finding the right machine.

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