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60 years of experience and customer conversations ensure that we at Imants know what your challenges are. Our machines and the developments we go through are focused on thinking along in solutions for you, the arborist. The issues below are important in tillage in your industry and in each of these topics Imants can do its part.

Soil structure:

Soil structure affects how well water, air and nutrients can circulate in the soil. Good soil structure is important for good growth of trees. It is therefore advisable to till the soil regularly to improve soil structure. Characteristic for Imants spading machines is the good mixing. Read more about this on the tillage page.


Soil contains various nutrients needed for the growth of trees. If necessary, you can add fertilizers to enrich the soil. To mix this homogeneously in the building soil, an Imants spading machine is perfectly suited.

Weed control:

Weeds can compete with trees for water, light and nutrients. It is therefore important to control weeds to optimize plant and flower growth. This can be done, for example, through the use of herbicides. The latter can again be processed perfectly and even in 1 pass in the existing building stock. We also have experience with disinfection/weed control. Please contact us for more information, we are happy to think with you.


Fertilization is the addition of fertilizers to the soil to promote trees growth. There are different types of fertilizers available depending on the needs of the trees. Again, an Imants spading machine is ideally suited to do the job.

Planting depth:

When planting trees, it is important to use the right planting depth. If the tree is planted too deep, it can lead to root rot and make it harder for the tree to take root. If the tree is planted too shallow, it can lead to desiccation and make it harder for the tree to take root. Therefore, it is important to follow the tree's planting guide to determine the proper planting depth. Deep tillage to create a good soil structure at the right depth is therefore also possible with Imants spading machines. For this, see the page for deep tillage.

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With our years of experience we know that every soil is different. The power of conviction of our machines is therefore the result that you can achieve on YOUR soil. So request your demo now and see the result with your own eyes!

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