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Soil Tillage

Imants produces and develops machines for tillage for different sectors such as: agriculture, horticulture, greenhouses etc. To take good care of your soil, three components are paramount. We use these as the basis for all developments.

Costs: Imants gives you insight into the costs you incur with current tillage methods. This is done through a self-developed calculation module that is frequently tested and updated.

Capacity: This is an important aspect that is also taken into account when calculating current tillage methods. Moreover, it can be estimated what the time savings could be in case you opt for a spading machine and seeding in one pass. The calculation module can also be used for this.

Quality: Of course, the quality of the tillage must not be missing. Although this is much less easy to measure, it is very important to Imants.

One way to measure quality, among other things, we developed the penetrometer.

You can see how it works in the following film:

At Imants, you can choose from several categories of tillage machines.

First, we have the spading machines. They can be divided into the following categories:

  • shallow mixing machines ( 0-15 cm)
  • regular tillage (15-45 cm)
  • deep tillage (45+ cm)
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The next tillage category is rotavating in which we distinguish between:

  • Standard rotavators  (rotavator blades rotating in the direction of travel)
  • Overtop rotavator (rotavator blades rotating against the direction of travel)
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