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Spading is more

Ploughing versus Spading

Spading is more than just turning the soil

More than 60 years of experience with spading machines is something Imants can look back on. From that experience we learned spading is more than just turning soil. Much more, in fact. Spading means mixing organic material with the living topsoil, incorporating crop residues and creating a seedbed, mixing green manure so it can be broken down into nutrients for the next crop. In short, both above the ground and in the soil you will achieve an even, homogeneous and well aerated soil after tillage with Imants spading machines. The true one pass tillage tool.

The advantages of rotary spading are shown below:

Imants spading machines take care of your soil

The rotating movement of the spade shaft with spades ensures an optimal mixing effect. Because of this, crop residues, manure, compost or green manure can be mixed with the soil into the most biologically active layer so that they can be quickly decomposed.

The rotational movement of the spade shaft with spades ensures an optimal mixing effect.

Crop residues or green manure do not form a sillage layer at the bottom of the soil. Because of this mixing the soil life can also benefit from the freshly applied organic material. Since the spades take soil bites of 25 to 30 cm (10 - 12 inch) and pull these from the underlying soil layer, an impermeable disturbing layer is not created at the bottom, the so-called plow pan. 

This means that precipitation can penetrate into the deeper soil layers and replenish the groundwater. The good structure that remains after spading not only allows water to penetrate, but also ensures a good oxygen level.

Because spading machines do not form a hard pan in the soil, capillary action remains intact, so rising groundwater can reach the roots of plants when they need it. During spading, the subsoil is mixed, but not completely turned over. This preserves most of the soil temperature, reducing the time it takes for the soil to warm up. This results in faster germination. The deeper soil layers are given time enough to warm up as the plants grow.

With an Imants spading machine, the soil can be made ready for sowing or planting in 1 pass.

With an Imants rotary spader, the soil can be made ready for sowing or planting in one operation. The driven power harrow leaves an ideal seedbed. By combining operations you not only save time and money but also the soil structure.

You can also opt for a crankshaft spader if the soil becomes heavier and needs to be put away more coarsely. The advantages of this tillage:

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