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Depending on the desired result, Imants produces the 46 or 56 series rotary spading machine or a crankshaft spading machine. In this section we will discuss the ST crankshaft spader. The crank shaft spader can prepare heavier clay soils than a rotary spader, while still providing a prepared seedbed  without making any changes to the machine. The Imants ST crankshaft spader inserts the spades vertically, creating a loose clod of soil then retracts vertically again leaving the soil evenly tilled into course clods.

The Imants ST crankshaft spader leaves behind an even and flat land of coarse chunks, instead of the deeply furrowed ground associated with traditional plows. This makes subsequent tillage easier and smoother. Even very wet plots can be seeded, allowing surface water to drain away and oxygen to enter the soil. 

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The construction of the ST crankshaft spader

The ST crankshaft spader works the soil by means of spading blades attached to the crankshaft via a spade bracket. The 3 meters or 10 foot wide machine is equipped with 12 spade blades, the 3,5 meter or 11.5 foot, with 14. Both with an equal distribution of the spade blades over the working width.

The ST spade blade 

easy to replace

All spading machines are equipped with a cam clutch on the PTO. This provides protection for the driveline.

Options for the ST series crankshaft spader

To make the ST crankshaft spaders fit your business completely, you can choose from several options. This machine can be equipped with a hydraulically adjustable and Spring-loaded clod rack to allow the chunks of clay to be left smaller. In order to be able to combine working passes entirely in Imants style, it is also possible to choose a lifting device to which a powered or non-powered implement can be connected. For example, a power harrow. To keep the succeeding implement free of clay, the machine can also be equipped with a rubber shield that functions as a fender. An automatic central lubrication system is optional.

Combining work passes

The ST series spading machines can be used to prepare the soil for sowing. But the spading machines can also be the heart of combinations to do all the work in one pass. The spader provides primary tillage, loosening and mixing the soil. Mounting other implements like harrows and seeders, allows a true single pass operation. Combining working passes not only saves money and time, but also reduces stress on the soil structure. Here you can see some possible combinations.

Modells Overview

Type Working width Overall width # blades Required power (hp) Maximum power (hp) Weight* Ripper shanks
ST300 300 cm / 10 ft 321 cm / 10.5 ft 12 100 200 2140 kg / 4708 lbs no
ST350 350 cm / 11.5 ft 371 cm / 12 ft 14 120 200 2440 kg / 5368 lbs no

* Above weight is indicative without options and without roll.

Maximum speed: 3.5 km/h or 2.1MPH (1000 rpm). Actual travel speed may vary depending on the application.
Spading depth: 15-35 cm (7-14in.) 

ALL machines include: Walterscheid PTO.

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