32SX series sand, loam and clay

32SX series sand, loam and clay 32SX series sand, loam and clay 32SX series sand, loam and clay 32SX series sand, loam and clay 32SX series sand, loam and clay 32SX series sand, loam and clay


While spading, organic material is mixed through the most biologically active, (living) topsoil. Spading machines make it possible to effectively and easily incorporate organic residue, compost and green manure in one pass. This means that the organic substance immediately becomes available as food for microorganisms.

Because of the unique way in which the spading blades are placed, the width of the machine is used optimally and there is no plow sole. The result is better water management.

Because the spade shaft "pushes forward", less pulling power is required in comparison with plows. Another feature is that the tractor runs on the aboveground and not in the fore, so that the deeper soil layers are not compressed. The spading machine decompacts soil to spading depth to create the perfect seed bed. For more information we would like to refer to our spading animation or you can contact us.


The Imants 32-series spading machine is an ideal spading machine for smaller tractors. The spading machine is suited for the use on sand, loamy and clay soils. The compactness makes the spading machine versatile. Because the machine can be equipped with a driven crumbler roller, it is also possible to immediately create a seed bed.

The machine has a working depth of 15 to 30 cm and tills the soil evenly over the entire working depth and width.

The 32 series is designed for all small tractors on the market, with a power between 15 and 30 hp. The spading machine has a weight of 315 kg / 700 lbs with a driven crumbler roller and only 250 kg / 550 lbs without a driven crumbler roller.


Small spaders are used in situations where the working speed is less important, while the quality of the tillage is crucial.

The machine is ideal for small horticulture, arable farming, landscaping and gardeners.  The spading machine is also made for smaller plots and stripping.

For heavier soils, we recommend using a spading machine without a driven crumbler roller. In this type of soil, the machine is mainly used for primary soil tillage and perfect soil mixing. Other rolls suited for the heavier soils, are available. Ask us for the possibilities

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