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In several areas, Imants machines are leading the way. These include the Koro Fieldtopmaker, the Topdrain, the Shockwave and the Rootpruner and many more as you can see here below.

Imants Shockwave

The Imants ShockWave is the perfect linear decompacter for heavily used areas where play can’t stop. This machine is designed to revitalize fine turf and sports fields by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water, all whilst causing minimal surface disruption so play can resume quickly and safely. All ShockWave models feature a no-chains, direct drive design, maintenance free ‘sealed for life’ bearings and no shear bolts.

Imants Sandcat

The Imants SandCat moves lightly over the turf, slitting the surface and introducing sand to improve drainage and enhance the properties of the rootzone, with the compact size of the machine making it ideal for greens and tees. Used empty, it has similar features to the Imants ShockWave and can be used to aerate hard, compacted areas of fine turf. The SandCat features overload protection by a torque limiter PTO shaft.

Imants Rotosweep

The RotoSweep offers efficient removal of surface debris from sports turf, including cores, grass clippings, leaves and general litter collection. Featuring a dual powered brush system, even heavy debris can be collected without any damage to the grass. The RotoSweep is tractor towed, powered from the PTO and tipped hydraulically, with the centrally positioned axles allowing tight contours to be followed. An independent floating scarifier attachment, the RHEA, can be attached in front of the RotoSweep.

Imants Rootpruner

The Imants RootPruner prunes roots up to 100mm in diameter with no cleanup. It can prevent root encroachment under vital areas, eliminating loss of valuable water and nutrients and prevent surface damage. It also has the ability to decompact tight, narrow areas with ease. Includes unique patented triple-reduction planetary gearbox, for smooth, maximum torque drive to rotor shaft. The RootPruner also features a factory set, torque limiting PTO shaft eliminating all shear bolts & spring clutches.

Imants Rotoblast

The RotoBlast is a tractor mounted blower, designed to move leaves, grass clippings, thatch, litter and other unwanted surface debris from important areas. Typically used for clearing greens and tees, fairways, pathways and other sports turf areas. Attached to the 3-point linkage, the powerful blower is mounted on a wheeled chassis to allow contour following while maintaining a constant nozzle height above the ground. The wheels can be inverted to revert to a fully mounted option if required

Imants Mini Rotoknife

The Imants Mini RotoKnife is a linear disc-aerator, designed to relieve surface compaction, improving aeration, reducing thatch build up and removing surface water. The Mini RotoKnife is fast across the surface and is a versatile rootzone management tool. The disc rotor shaft can be set in 3 positions, giving flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing slitting to a depth of 100mm, or shallow slitting at 50mm spacing. The Mini RotoKnife is available in towed or mounted format and is compatible with most turf trucksters and compact tractors. It is ideal on warm or cool season grasses.

Imants Rotoknife

The Imants RotoKnife is a versatile, effective linear aerator. It is designed to relieve surface compaction, improve aeration, reduce thatch build up and remove surface water. The RotoKnife is fast across the surface and is also a versatile rootzone management tool. The disc rotoshaft can be set in any of five positions offering flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing deep slitting to a depth of 150mm or shallow slitting at 50mm spacing. The RotoKnife is an ideal rootzone enhancement tool for both warm and cool season grasses and can even be used as a surface smoothing roller.

Imants Koro FTM

The Imants KORO FTM with the patented CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE® rotor is the industry leading fraise mower. The FTM will remove unwanted surface matter such as Poa annua, thatch, weeds, or the entire surface to a depth of 2”. A side conveyor removes debris directly into a trailer leaving a level and even surface. The FTM 1.2 and FTM 1.6 are designed and built for fine turf applications such as golf courses, sports fields, and small turf areas. An optional mid-mounted roller can be used for more aggressive undulations. The FTM 2.0 and FTM 2.5 are designed for maximum efficiency for sports fields and sod farms. All FTM models can be fitted with CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE® rotor, Terraplane® rotor, Scarifying rotor, or Digging rotor

Imants Topdrain 1000

Complete one-pass surface drainage system. The TopDrain 1000 is a unique multifunctional machine that trenches, removes spoil, injects sand and re-compacts all in one operation. Designed for sportsfields and golf course fairways, the TopDrain benefits include; material and labor savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination than conventional methods. The sand grid created by the TopDrain is meant to complement the existing drainage system.

Imants Recycling dresser

The RECYCLINGDRESSER® aerates the underlying soil vertically and horizontally, removing soil from the root zone and re-distributing it across the playing surface. Layering and compaction are eliminated, biological activity increased and existing fertilizers in the soil are better utilized. The RECYCLINGDRESSER® reduces the amount of new top-dressing required, therefore saving labor and material costs and promoting sustainable maintenance. 3 different working widths are available in the range.

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Jean Heybroek: The Netherlands

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Campey Turfcare Systems : Rest of the world

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