33SX Series

33SX Spadingmachine 33SX Series 33SX Series 33SX Series 33SX Series 33SX Series Imants 33SX, deutz 33SX Series 33SX Series Spadingmachine, 33SM180K, Heavy Soil, 33SX Series

The new 33SX spading machine with the new Imants design!

A very good machine for the sand up to light clay soil and tractors between 60 and 90HP. The working depth is 15 till 30cm. And the working with is available in 210cm and 250cm.

The spadingmachines are the ideal solution for saving time and money by reducing the number of tillage steps and compaction. It is also the perfect soil-building tool, with its unique ability to shatter hardpan and aerrobically incorporate large amounts of crop residue, compost, cover cropsand any other type of amendment into the soil.