27SX Series sand - clay

27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay 27SX Series sand - clay

Spading machines for sandy/loamy soils. The 27SX and 33SX series are compact and uncomplicated spading machines used in many industries. The machines can be fitted with a crumbler roller. So the primary tillage (spading) and secondary tillage (seedbed preparation)   can be done in one pass.

Machine design

The new “flat” design and the distinctive yellow stripes combined with Imants blue and black give the machines a unique appearance.
The spader works the soil by means of the spade shaft. On this shaft there are rows, each with a number of spade arms, the number of rows and spade arms depending on the machine and the working width.
What is unique about these spade arms is the kink to the left and right. This means there are fewer banks and therefore more “room” in the machine. There is less chance ofclogging, the machine can be operated at higher speed, and the soil is tilled perfectly.
The crumbler roller is fitted directly behind the spade shaft.  The crumbler roller is a driven tube with hardened spring tines mounted on it. Its special design makes the crumbler roller suitable for:
a perfectly consolidated seed bed
a levelling effect
the incorporation of organic matter
Types 27 and 33 are driven by a PTO shaft (540 rpm) and are carried by the three-point hitch.  The machine lowers by means of the hitch until the crumbler roller supports a large part of the machine. The working depth is then adjusted using the position adjuster on the tractor.
On one side there is a spade shaft drive and of the other the crumbler roller drive.

Spading - general

Because of upscaling and the continual increase in fuel prices, it is important to choose a machine with high capacity and low fuel consumption.  Imants combines these factors in its spaders so the soil can be worked in an attractive and smooth manner.
During spading, organic matter is mixed through the most biologically active, oxygenated topsoil. Stubble, residue, stable manure, compost and green manure can easily be incorporated in a single process. This means the organic matter becomes available immediately as food for micro-organisms.
There is no plough pan because of the unique way the spades are inserted. The result is better water management, while fertilisers and minerals are better used.
Because the spade shaft pushes “forwards”, less tractive force is needed compared to ploughing. Another feature is that the tractor rides on the topsoil and not in the furrow, so there is no compression of the deeper soil layers. The spading machine removes all compressed soil up to spade depth to create the perfect seed bed without clumping. And the fuel consumption per hectare is lower!

Potential applications

The 27SX and 33SX series are ideal for sandy and clay  soils throughout the world.
The machines have a working depth of 15 to 30 cm and till the soil evenly over the entire working depth and width.
Thanks to its simple design and compact size, the machine is ideal for small to medium horticulture, arable farming, green space and gardening companies. Tree nurseries and greenhouses as well!
The spading machine is also made for smaller plots and strip cultivation. The ends are worked as efficiently as the sections in the middle. There is no furrow!


Standard version

The 27SX and 33SX series come as standard with a quick-change system for the spade blades (SX).
For safety purposes, each machine has a torque limiter on the Walterscheid PTO. This special PTO ensures that the drive stops if there is an obstacle in the machine.
The 27SX series is suitable for tractors from 35 to 70 hp. Working widths from 120 to 180 cm are possible.
The 33SX series is suitable for tractors from 60 to 90 hp. This series has a choice of working widths: 210 cm or 250 cm. 


27 spader in glasshouse
27SX150RH @ the USA
27SX120RH @ USA berry field