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JNC Rotavator Type Z

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Mixing of crop residues

Imants JNC rotavators are unique in their kind due to the center drive.

Imants JNC Rotavators

With over 135 years of experience, Imants can safely say that it has learned how to optimize tillage. The Imants rotavators are no exception. With a quick rotating movement, working green manure or crop residues superficially and making the soil very fine, that is milling.

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Construction of the rotavating machine

Depending on what you need on your farm Imants can advise the right rotavator. There are rotavator machines suitable for use behind light (L) or heavier (Z) tractors.

The Imants rotavator blade

The Imants rotavator blade is easy to replace. The unique position of the milling blade ensures a self-cleaning effect.

All rotavators are equipped with a shear bolt protection on the PTO shaft. Optionally with a cam clutch on the PTO shaft. These provide a security for the driveline.

Rotavator shaft of JNC Z

Options for the JNC rotavators

To make the JNC rotavators machines fi t completely into your company, you can choose from a number of options. You can not only choose from depth wheels and several different rollers (cage roller, roller etc.), but you can also optionally adjust them by means of side shift and / or equip them with top link or cylinder. The rotavators can also be used in the front. Ask your Imants salesman for the possibilities.

As picture is chosen for the JNC Z170 with 273mm bar roll. Please contact us for the options of the model of your choice.

Advantages of the Imants rotavator

With over 135 years of experience, Imants knows what makes a good (overtop) rotavator. This results in several features that are normal on Imants rotavators and make them unique.

1. Two-piece tailstock for flat milling result
2. Center drive so that working width and transport widths are equal
3. Different types of rollers
4. Adjustable depth wheels (10mm)
5. Spindle or hydraulic roller adjustment
6. Easy cleaning thanks to screen caps

Modell Overview

Type Working width  # of blades Required power (hp) Weight*
JNC Z135 135 cm / 53 inch 40 35 282 kg / 622 lbs
JNC Z160 160 cm / 63 inch 48 50 306 kg / 675 lbs
JNC Z170 170 cm / 67 inch 48 53 308 kg / 679 lbs
JNC Z185 185 cm / 73 inch 56 60 330 kg / 728 lbs
JNC Z210 210 cm / 83 inch 64 70 352 kg / 776 lbs
JNC Z230 230 cm / 91 inch 64 70 361 kg / 796 lbs
JNC Z250 250 cm / 98 inch 72 70 382 kg / 842 lbs

*Weight does not include trailing roller.

All rotavators include a PTO with shear bolt protection and Imants rotavator blades.
All variants available as standard rotavator or overtop rotavator.
We recommend depth wheels with the standard rotavator if ordered without a roller.
We recommend using a bar roller or smooth roller for nice rotavating work with an overtop rotavator (no depth wheels needed).

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