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More than 60 years of experience with spading machines is something Imants can look back on. From that experience we learned that spading is more than just turning soil. Much more even. Spading means mixing organic material with the living topsoil, it means working crop residues under and creating a seedbed, it means mixing in green manure so that it can be broken down into nutrients for the next crop. 

From that experience we have learned that spading is more than just turning soil. A lot more even. Spading, that is organic material mixing with the living topsoil, it is working crop residues under and creating a seedbed, it is creating a seedbed, it is mixing in green manures so that they can be broken down into nutrients for the next crop, it is removing disturbing layers permanently and it is soil refinement. 

In short, both on the soil and in the soil preparation you can speak of a healthy soil after treatment with Imants machines.

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Imants spading machines  take care of your soil

Deep tillage is mainly used to remove soil compaction and disturbing layers. Through the rotating movement movement of the spading axle with spades, an optimal optimal mixing is achieved. The soil can also be enriched or if desired you can increase the size of the cultivation layer.

The end result? Disruptive layers are lifted, resulting in a better mixing of the nutrients through the soil and thus creating better rooting. This in turn leads in turn to better water permeability and more air in the soil. In other words, the (capillary) action of the soil is restored.

Intensive mixing or not?

Deep spading

The deep spitting machines have different working depths depending on the series. As a rule of thumb is that half of the maximum the minimum working depth.

Types of blades

To achieve the desired mixing result desired mixing results, we offer the choice of series we offer the choice of: 

  • narrow spade blades (breaking through with minimal mixing)
  • standard spade blades
  • standard spade blades in combination with mixing plates (intensive mixing)

The construction of the spading machine

The Imants deep spading machines are rotary spading machines. They work the ground by by means of a spade bracket that is attached to the spade. With the 70 series, 4 spade handles form a wreath (see image), The number of whorls on the axle varies according to the type and working width. 

The SX spading blade

suitable for all soil types except wet clay. Easy to replace.

The SM spading knife

suitable for all soil types and conditions.

All spading machines are equipped with a cam clutch on the PTO shaft. This provides protection for the driveline.

Driveline of the 70SX290PL

Options of the 70 series 

The 70 series drive line consists of a central drive box and drive box and 2 planetary drive boxes on the side, just like the 68 series. Very robust and reliable with quiet running. With the 70 series, the diameter of the spindle is slightly larger than the 68 series and so the limit of deep digging where the machine can still be carried in the lift is reached. 

The 70 series can therefore not be equipped with a milling roller. However, various other trailing rollers such as cage roller (various diameters), tire packer etc. The following roller always has a double function. On the one hand, ensuring that the top layer of soil is firmly pressed down again and is finished flat. On the other it serves as a depth limiter. 

Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped with mixing plates (for intensive mixing), standard digging blades or narrow digging blades (breaking through interfering layers with minimal mixing). In certain circumstances, a working depth of up to approximately 1 meter (39 inch) is feasible.

Models overview

Type Working width  Overall width # spades Required power (hp) Maximum power (hp) Weight (kg/lbs)* Roller ** Subsoiling


290 cm / 114 inch

320 cm / 126 inch




3850 / 8488



Spading depth: 45 - 90 cm / 18 - 35 inch

* The above weight is indicative without options and without roller (except for the power harrow machines).
** Machines without driven roll can be fitted with various other rollers as an option
*** The actual driving speed will vary depending on the application.

ALL spading machines including: Walterscheid power take-off with cam clutch, Quick change system for the spading blades (SX), LED lighting kit and width markings.

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