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Spading is more than just turning the soil

More than 60 years of experience with spading machines is something Imants can look back on. From that experience we learned spading is more than just turning soil. Much more, in fact. Spading means mixing organic material with the living topsoil, incorporating crop residues and creating a seedbed, mixing green manure so it can be broken down into nutrients for the next crop. In short, both above the ground and in the soil you will achieve an even, homogeneous and well aerated soil after tillage with Imants spading machines. The true one pass tillage tool.

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The design of the SX spading machine

Imants rotary spading machines work the soil by means of spades that are attached to the spade via a spade bracket. On the 40 series, 4 spade brackets form a wreath. The number of whorls on the spit varies according to the working width. The 40 series, the spading axle is available with or without scrapers. Depending on what you need on your farm Imants can advise the right spading machine.

Did you know that Imants also manufactures spading machines that can work superficially (from 8 cm or 3 inch working depth) but also very deep (up to 135 cm or 53 inch working depth)? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Picture of the 40SX210 spade blade without scrapers.

Picture of 40SX210 spade blade with scrapers (marked yellow). 

The SX-spadingblade

For use on all soil types except wet clay.

The spade blades of the 40 series are easy to replace.

The 40 series spading machines are equipped with a cam clutch on the PTO shaft. This provides protection for the driveline.

Drive line of the 40 Series with driven power harrow.



Depending on the model, the SX series has a minimum working depth of 15 cm (6”), with a maximum of approximately 45 cm (18”). In specific circumstances, working depths up to 55 cm (22”) are possible. Ask your Imants advisor for more information. The blades loosen the soil over the full working width and mix manure, green manure or plant residues through the most biologically active part of the soil.

WX series

The WX series is equipped with depth-adjustable tine legs between the rings, which loosen the soil deeper than the digging depth. The WX series has fewer digging blades than the comparable SX series version, but the soil is still worked over the full working width. The tine legs break up disturbing soil layers that are under the spade blades so that roots can also penetrate deeper into the soil.


Driven power harrow

The Imants 40 series spading machines can be equipped with a driven power harrow. This roller levels, crumbles and works in crop residues. The result is an ideal seedbed. It is the ideal roller for sandy and loamy soils.

Ring roller

The ring roller leaves a coarser seedbed and is suitable for all soil types. This roller slightly reduces the size of the soil and presses it a little so that a nice even, flat and solid seedbed is left behind.

Prisma roller

For heavier soil types in dry and humid conditions, the self-cleaning prism roller is recommended. This roller reduces the soil somewhat and presses the soil a little so that a nice even and solid seed bed is left behind.

Options for the 40 series power harrow

To make the 40 series of spading machines fit your farm, you can choose from a number of options. The power harrow machines of this series are also suitable to leave a perfect seedbed under certain conditions. The driven power harrow will crumble and press the top layer. The tines also press the crop residues into the soil, creating a nice clean seedbed.

Specific to the width variant shown here are the built-in subsoiler tines. These tines loosen the soil to a greater depth (up to 65 cm / 26 inch, depending on the  circumstances) without mixing. You can choose this option, for example, in order to remove even deeper layers of disturbance. 

Options for the 40 series without power harrow

To make the 40 Series Spading Machines fit your business your business, you can choose from a number of options. For example, with this model you can not only choose from a number of different trailing rollers, but you can also adjust them to vary the working depth. Also, the spading machines from this series can be equipped with a clod breaker that further reduces and levels the dug up soil.

As with the 40 series machine with rake roller, the width variant shown here can also be equipped with built-in tilling legs. 


Type Working width Overall width # of blades Required power (hp) Max. power (hp) Weight (kg)* power harrow** tines
40SX150K 150 cm / 60 inch 176 cm / 69 inch 12 50 75 950 kg / 2090 lbs no Option, 2 pcs
40SX180K 180 cm / 71 inch 206 cm / 81 inch 16 50 75 990 kg / 2178 lbs no no
40SX200K 200 cm / 79 inch 226 cm / 89 inch 16 55 75 1050 kg / 2310 lbs no no
40SX250R 250 cm / 98 inch 277 cm / 109 inch 20 110 160 1630 kg / 3586 lbs no no
40SX300R 300 cm / 118 inch 328 cm / 129 inch 24 110 160 1775 kg / 3905 lbs no no
40SX150KH 150 cm / 60 inch 180 cm / 71 inch 12 50 75 1130 kg / 2486 lbs yes Option, 2 pcs
40SX180KH 180 cm / 71 inch 210 cm / 83 inch 16 50 75 1220 kg / 2684 lbs yes no
40SX200KH 200 cm / 79 inch 230 cm / 91 inch 16 55 75 1280 kg / 2816 lbs yes no
40SX250RH 250 cm / 98 inch 282 cm / 111 inch 20 110 160 1880 kg / 4136 lbs yes no
40SX300RH 300 cm / 118 inch 334 cm / 131 inch 24 110 160 2080 kg / 4576 lbs yes no
40WX300RH 300 cm / 118 inch 334 cm / 131 inch 20 110 160 2350 kg / 5170 lbs yes 5 pcs

* Above weight is indicative without options and without roller (except the power harrow machines).
** Machines without power harrow can optionally be equipped with various other rollers.
ALL machines include: Walterscheid PTO shaft with Torque limiting clutch. Quick-change system for the spading blades (SX), LED lighting set and width warning signs.

Ideal speed: depending on situation.

Spading depth: 15-45 cm / 6-18 inch

Lifting cat. 2

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