Imants USA your partner for your tillage and soil solutions in the United States

Imants USA is the sales organization for the Imants AG machinery in the USA. It is a cooperation between Imants BV (factory, the Netherlands) and Autrusa Inc. (United States)

Imants is a Dutch company and is in business for more than 130 years.

More than 130 years of experience in quality cultivation with an open mind for the future. The foundations of our internationally successful company were laid in 1885 by the village blacksmith in Reusel.

Imants is the world leading manufacturer of rotary spaders (spading machines) and builds these spading machines since the 1960’s. The spading machine is a tillage implement. It is also called the ''original One-pass tillage implement''.  Imants has been active in the US markets since 1992. 

Imants’ sales staff and the research and development department are constantly working to develop and promote new products, which are designed using modern techniques.

Imants continuously strives to develop machines that deliver maximum performance with the minimum possible effort and fuel, which fact has brought us a great deal of international recognition.

Imants USA / Autrusa Inc.  Phone # 610-754-1110

Advantages of spading machines ( Spaders ) in the US.

The spading machines have a lot of advantages for the modern agricultural farmer. You can read more about these advantages on the pages of the different series. You can read some of the general advantages on this site as well.

Primary and secondary tillage in one-pass
Higher yield per hectare
Less fuel
Very good water management
No compaction
Better mixing (incorporation)
Large capacity
Excellent soil structure
Ideal in combination with seeder or ripper
No plough pan
Ideally areates soil & holds moisture
Reduce number of passes
Possibilities for soil fumigation and also biofumigation
Ripping and tilling in one pass
Improving soil quality

Spading machines are available in various sizes and models ranging from 4 ft. to 15 ft wide. Working depth from 0.5 ft. to 4.5 ft.
The working speed depends of the model and the circumstances. With the 57SX450PLH spading machine for AG use you can reach more than 4 hectares per hour! (9.4 acres per hour)

We build a lot of different spading machines. We build spading machines for agriculture and horticulture (5'' - 14'' working depth). We build also deepspaders ( 20'' - 53'' working depth ) and medium deepspaders ( 5'' - 20'' working depth ) for special circumstances and crops.

If it is necessary we build also customized spaders four specified circumstances.

It is important to know on what type of soil you want to work, the maximum working depth you want to spade and the minimum and maximum HP of the tractor where you want to work with.

If you're not sure about your type of soil, maximum working depth and maximum HP you can contact imants USA for questions in the USA our contact Imants. We can help you to find the perfect spader for your circumstances.

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Also for the Imants original parts in the US, you can contact ImantsUSA. Imants USA has a warehouse in the US for parts for the Imants implements / equipment. Imants USA can advice you in what parts and service you will need.  


You can buy the Imants AG machinery like the spaders and parts at one of our partners / dealers. You can find more information on the dealerpage or you can contact directly Imants USA / Autrusa and they can advice you the best way to get more information or a local dealer in your neighboorhood.


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