Here you can find information about the different types of Imants spading machines.
We build a lot of different spading machines. We build spading machines for agriculture and horticulture (15 - 35cm working depth). We build also deepspaders and medium deepspaders for special circumstances and crops.

If it is necessary we build also customized spaders four specified circumstances.

It is important to know on what type of soil you want to work, the maximum working depth you want to spade and the maximum HP of the tractor where you want to work with.

If you're not sure about your type of soil, maximum working depth and maximum HP you can contact one of our dealers in the world our contact Imants. we can help you to find the perfect spader for your circumstances.

Some general advantages of the spadingmachine:
Primary and secondary tillage in one-pass, Higher yield per hectare, Less fuel, Very good water management, No compaction, Better mixing (incorporation), Large capacity, Excellent soil structure, Ideal in combination with seeder or ripper, No plough pan, ideally areates soil & holds moisture, Reduce number of passes.

You can find more specified advantages at the machine pages.